Now that I have your attention…


I’m Becky. Lovely second half of the wonder that is Stick Dinosaurs. Mike may be the brains of the operation, but I’m the cute. Muahaha.

Ok to be honest, that may not be totally true… I’m the brains as well ;)

Seriously though, we’re very happy that this webcomic is doing so well with our family, friends and all other fans we have so far. Although I haven’t been in the webcomic game very long, I’ve grown to love and respect the hard work and creativity that goes into it. I like to joke and say that I’m running the show here, but in all reality Mike works very hard at making this webcomic one that will be enjoyable and fun for all.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not just sitting pretty and taking credit. I help come up with some of the ideas, jokes, etc. (I did come up with our superhero Badgerman, after all.) But Mike is excellent when it comes to the funnies, and I am very much enjoying being apart of Stick Dinosaurs with him.

Thank you to all who come check out our site and to those who don’t, how dare you. Jerks :p

Peace, love & happiness to you all.