Hi Folks! You may have noticed that nothing on the webcomic changed since my long ranting post about how it would. Well you’re wrong. Something did change:

The comic is now -

(pause for dramatic effect)

13% taller!

For most of the weekend I’ve thought about and worked on nothing but Stick Dinosaurs. I tried new formats and different art styles and speech bubbles and colors and everything I could think of. I started flipping through the hundreds of old comics I had made in the past. Like I said before, Stick Dinosaurs is the 9th or so webcomic I tried to make. Even though most of the other ones never made it to the internet, they were still written or drawn. I started finding a lot of comics that are similar to the Stick Dinosaur writing of “narrator box” and then “one-liner”.


This is one that actually made it onto ‘Not About Rabbits’. It was during the twilight excitement so it was a lot more topical at the time.

So the writing is here to stay. Then there was the art. Well, that is here to stay too. You can see from the vampire there that the art and color of the character is the same as any colored object in Stick Dinosaurs. Round lines, vibrant colors, heavy shadow and highlights. And for the sake of time, I am keeping the white background.


Stick Dinosaurs is coming into it’s own already. After only 20 finished comics I can already see it started to change and grow. Who knows what it will look like a year from now? All I know is that I love what I’m doing and that’s a good enough reason to just “keep on truckin’”.

Also, it’s not like I make money from this. I can do whatever I want. Even talk about poop. But I won’t. Except I just did.