Ello, Ello!

I just wanted to take the time to first of all say THANK YOU to all of our wonderful Stick Dinosaur fans. Mike & I wouldn’t be as motivated to make this webcomic a success, if it weren’t for you guys. We appreciate all of your support, comments & feedback & encourage you to keep it coming & share our funnies!

Another thing I’d like to share, is my bloggy blog! I have two actually. One is The Feistiest Of Them All, and the other is Beautifully Vegan. Both are filled with sarcasm & fun, with Beautifully Vegan focusing more onĀ  health, beauty, fitness, & releasing your inner veggiesaurus. Rawrrr! ;)

So please, click the links and follow me on wordpress! I also have Twitter, where I encourage you to follow me as well. Mike also has Twitter & you can follow him too but I’m way funnier. Just sayin’ :p