Dear Diary,

It’s time to show off some more zexy zexy arts. My family has an Auction company and is now getting into selling firearms. For our first firearms sale we had some shirts and targets made up. Buy a gun. Get a shirt. Commerce!

Here’s the design Becky and I drew up for the shirt. The gun logo was on the front. The rest was on the back.


It’s a rabbit killing zombies! Topical. We had no real guidelines on what the design should be. Just had to be something that people would be interested in wearing. I draw a lot of rabbits (don’t ask me why) and Becky thought it would be good to include one. So there you go.

People also got a shooting target. It’s zombies! Now you can be just like the rabbit from the shirt. The target was done much quicker because of time constraints. We’ll likely do more in the future.


Love Michael