One of the reasons I seem to busy to make comics is that I’m relearning how to draw. Even though I’m not always making Stick Dinosaurs, I draw every day. Sometimes just a doodle or simpler but every day I draw something.

And I love it.

narhwaldoodle1 copy

narwhaldoodle2 copy

These are some silly comics I did last week. Nothing ground breaking but a lot of fun to draw.

I don’t just want to do fun. My true artist inspirations are Concept Artists. They are the guys that design everything us nerds love. They drew every spaceship before it was modeled into Star Wars. They raised the eyebrow on Buzz Lightyear before he was in 3D. They decided on Iron Mans new armor before Robert Downy Jr. even auditioned for the roll.

Here’s another silly drawing.

ampersand copy

Like I said. I draw every day. But like most budding artists as a kid, I didn’t want to spend time learning how to draw a perfect cube in proportion to the triangle next to it. I wanted to draw spaceships and dinosaurs. But even as a digital artist, you need to know the fundamentals.

I was given the No Undo challenge. It’s a challenge to paint something in Photoshop using only the brush tool and color wheel. No undo buttons or layers or filters or any special tricks. Just paint on paper techniques. I drew this.

10 hours in I decided that the perspective is too wrong. I spent more times editing what angle everything was than actually putting down paint. So I’m starting from the beginning. One point perspective. This is my living room using a vanishing point and the line tool.


Stay tuned because I’m going to paint it up very soon.

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Love Michael