Gasp! This time MY sketches are in the spotlight.

As you know, Mike and I have taken a little break from the comics, but I felt bad that you lovely people keep having to look at the same things all the time on our page. So, here are some of my sketches I’ve done over the last little while :) Enjoy!

OH! Also, I just graduated from my yoga teacher training program and am now a certified yoga instructor! Yay!

(I’ll do a separate post with photos from my experience. You can all see how bendy and strong this little lady really is!)

Thank you to all those who supported me and especially thanks to Mike <3




Yay, Wonder Woman!DSC07654

I sketched this from a photo of my good friend and his adorable baby :)DSC07655

Oh man. Ninja Turtles. Need I say more?DSC07656

Another sketch of a friends baby. I enjoy babies.32147_10151188354322143_942309924_n

Audrey Hepburn!59722_10151223436797143_81798184_n

I love pin up art and I thought this was something unique and cute.62596_10151314590612143_1411207029_n

D’awww, look at his eyes. 74959_10151188354242143_1269583134_n

I used to be a dancer back in the day and I was really drawn to this image.184693_10151188354247143_260984403_n

Ariel is my most favorite. Everyone says I look like two people, her and Poison Ivy. I like both of those things.321330_10151188354252143_1414190124_n

I really love sketching eyes. I have large eyes myself, and really liked this image.537025_10151188354332143_408450137_n

Poison Ivy!543803_10151314590622143_1910492892_n

Best image evah? I think so!734616_10151188354337143_1190202213_n

Tri on a Tri.