Two blog posts in one day! Crazy ol’ world.

I recently bought the 3 week subscription to the Dynamic Sketching Workshop at

I would like to take the 6 week class but there are about 8 classes I want to take and at $600 per class, I will have to save my pennies first.

ANYWAY. Here are two quick images I drew after watching the workshop. I just used my camera phone to snap the shots. They are drawn using ink pigment liners, a 40% warm grey felt and a while gel pen. It’s tricky because you can’t erase anything and if you’ve ever seen me draw, you know I abuse my erasers.


I watched Jurassic Park while drawing that first one. It’s of course a Dilophosaurus. That’s the spitting one in the movie (they didn’t spit in real life. Artistic license, you know)



A Maple Leaf! I’m in Canada after all. Becky actually inspired this one. We walked to the Farmers Market yesterday during the most stereotypically autumn day I’ve ever experienced and bought maple flavored almonds. Maple is just about her favorite flavor ever. Normally I wouldn’t put so much texture in an image like this but it was also an experiment in texturing.

Well, I’m going back to sketching. I have some short one-off comics in my head I’d like to write which I think will end up in the comic feed eventually.

Love Michael