Today the 10th comic went live on the website and I have 10 more waiting to be uploaded. I just flipped through all of them while considering the setup, style and basic template of the comic. I wanted a comic that was easy to draw so that I could update 5 days a week as well as be visually appealing.

This is the 3rd webcomic that I started that actually made it to the internet and the 9th comic I started over all. But more importantly, it’s roughly the 18th year since I first doodled a Stick Dinosaur. It was the T-Rex. The only difference in the original was a round head and only 2 fingers on each hand. He remained relatively unchanged for years and drawn in nearly every notebook I’ve touched since it’s birth. I never thought it would become a comic but I tried numerous times. It was even meant to be a recurring character in my ‘random’ comic “Not About Rabbits”. One day I will upload the comic they featured in.

While I’m pleased overall with how it’s coming, the main problem is the resemblance to “Bug“. Bug is a webcomic that I’ve been reading for a year or so and enjoy very much. I could even go as far as saying it’s my favorite (currently updated) webcomic and overall tied with Horribleville.

Bug’s creator, Adam Huber, seems to share a similar sense of humor with me. We both also like to make comics that have multiple jokes (preferably one per panel), and we both set up jokes with a narrator box. Obviously I’m still getting a sense of my comedic timing but the general idea is the same. My worry is creating a comic that is too similar to his. It’s obviously a winning format and one that clearly stood out to me when I was creating Stick Dinosaurs.

This post is mostly ramblings. I’m going to continue to evaluate my format. I don’t want to seem like I’m ripping off Adam.