The Comic:

Stick Dinosaurs went live on July 11/2012 and was created by Michael Ward and Becky Greenwood. Currently it  is updated 5 days a week from monday to friday. Michael does the drawing and some of the writing. Becky does writing and has the fun task of making sure the comics are actually finished before deadlines.

The History and Creation of Stick Dinosaurs:

Stick Dinosaurs have been a part of my (Michael) life for as long as I can remember. I’m not sure I will ever remember the first time I drew them. It started with a sketchy/easy-to-draw T-Rex.

I thought it was pretty slick so I doodled him on everything. Every textbook in school. Every scrap of paper. Every chunk of wet cement I found. Everything. Then I started drawing more dinosaurs. I tried Stegosaurus’s, Brontosaurus’s, Pterodactyl’s, Triceratops, you name it.

Obviously they weren’t all easy to identify as dinosaurs but since they were doodles, I didn’t care. They were never great art or really good enough to be made into a comic.

Now, I’ve started a few webcomics before. The idea to create one started in highschool in 2004. My brother and roommates all got together to create ‘Sideways Happyface’. It was a comic about roommates that play video games.

Original, right? We never hid the fact that it was really an attempt to get into E3 with press passes. It never panned out. My friends and I drifted apart and I couldn’t stay dedicated to getting it done. I was bored with the roommate idea right from the start. So back to the literal drawing board I went and started planning a new comic.

The second webcomic to go live was a few years later in 2009. Not About Rabbits! It was a comic about anything. No set parameters, no recurring characters, no defined art style. Anything I felt like drawing went into this comic. It was a lot of fun.

These are a few examples of them. The first one explains the name of the site as well. But it was hard to keep up. Full color comics take a lot of time. I started updating less frequently. Finally I would go 6 months without updating the site. The comic would go weeks without a visitor. I knew it was over. I needed parameters and discipline.

Over the next couple years I started writing and scrapping many more comic ideas. Many of which included rabbits. I had ones with animals and ones with people and one starring broccoli.

Some were comedies and some were drama. Some were gag comics and some were story. I could never stick with one idea. But throughout the whole process, I still doodled Stick Dinosaurs on every page.

Finally I met Becky. She is the reason exists. She supported me every time I came up with a new comic idea and helped me with the details. It was Becky that first suggested turning Stick Dinosaurs into a comic. I told her it would never work but she didn’t accept that. Then I doodled a few ‘test’ comics and told her it didn’t work. She still didn’t accept it. For months she brought up Stick Dinosaurs and kept telling me to try different ideas. To make a long story… less long… you can thank her for the majesty that is

Also, she has red hair. Its not related to the comic but it’s nice.